Thomas Mérey brings a wealth of experience and expertise to making your product dreams become a reality.

After a 25 year career with General Electric Canada, running a number of different operations including composite filament winding and plastics molding, he proceeded to acquire a wire goods manufacturer, Canada Case Company. This company, located in Brighton Ontario, supplied the North American market with coated wire goods for the retail market. Their products included personal shopping carts, clothing dryers and various storage items including wire shelving. Canada Case Company also supplied the OEM market with items such as barbecue grills, heater frames, fan guards and dishwasher racks. Although the activities of design and sourcing were an ongoing process, they were formally integrated in 1999 by the incorporation of DSM International Services Ltd.

The mandate of DSM is simple: To offer the design, sourcing and manufacturing expertise acquired over the years to other manufacturers, distributors and retailers in North America who were looking for innovation and sourcing help.

Today, there are literally millions of DSM designed consumer products used on the North American market and carried by leading retailers.