We offer the following services to clients who are established manufacturers, distributors or retailers serving the consumer market.


If you have a general idea of some new product that you would like to market, we can help you to actualize this idea into a specific design. We can help you decide on the choices of features, materials and processes to achieve the desired cost and retail price that you have in mind. Alternately, we usually have a number of new "on the shelf" inventions that are ready for prime time. These products will have already been through the design, prototyping, costing stages, and testing stages and are ready for you to market.


Once product features and attributes are established we complete the detailed 3D design files required for prototyping and manufacturing RFQ's as well as product testing. The design function is not complete until all testing and necessary approvals are complete. In the case of Value Engineering existing projects, the same process applies. Your existing product may be due for an aesthetic refresh or even a complete makeover; we can help bring your product back to life by adding more features, a new look or even just a lower cost & sometimes all three.


We create working prototypes once the design specifications are finalized. The degree of realism and finish of prototypes can vary to suit the specific purpose and budget of the project.


We exercise our extensive network of established factories to provide you with manufacturing first costs. These costs may be used for choosing a manufacturer and / or verifying the product positioning in the market. We are happy to make recommendations, but ultimately the choice of manufacturer is yours. We understand that you may already have a working relationship with an established manufacturer and may want shipping consolidation with existing items.


We offer a "no cost" assessment of your project and will partner with you for the development of new items. Your only costs would be for "out of pocket" costs such as traveling, prototypes and patent applications if applicable. Our compensation begins when yours does, and consists of a licensing fee payable once the new item shipments to your customer begin.